A group of Sisters of Mercy, friends, and colleagues walking with the Gros Morne, Haiti community.

What is Mercy Focus on Haiti?

          Mercy Focus on Haiti is a ministry initiative of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas.  Mercy Focus on Haiti is a group of committed people who share a desire to respond in an effective way to ongoing human needs in Haiti.  Mercy Focus on Haiti collaborates with the Religious of Jesus and Mary in ministry with the people of the Gros Morne area in Haiti.




The Medical Mission….

It was a long time coming.  The idea.  The concept.  The fundraising. The launch last week.  And now, finally, to meet all these women and their families.  We have the privilege to get to know ALL of the participants in the Mercy-Focus on Haiti CLM Project.

We, as a team, had traveled from all over the US to finally meet in Haiti and begin our journey of discovery.  We gathered, introduced, bonded and counted pills together that first day.  It was and is always a great team building event – to sort pills into manageable packets to provide medications for the patients.  It was a shared effort for the common good.

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Gros Morne, Haiti is located in the Northwestern portion of the Artibonite Valley.

Via car it takes approximately 5 hours to reach Gros Morne from the capital Port-au-Prince.